Anonymeye: 2004-2013 LP


After a few delays, the pre-orders for the Anonymeye: 2004-2013 LP have now gone out. Thanks to everyone who ordered, Cornel Wilczek for the mastering, Small Run for the pressing, Matt Deasy for the art design, and Bryan Spencer for the live photo. Many thanks to you all!

I’ve also included below a track from my unreleased fourth Anonymeye album, just for interest.

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Final Anonymeye release – limited edition vinyl LP retrospective


Now that I’ve finished making sounds as Anonymeye, I’ve taken a little step back recently to listen to the recordings. Weirdly coinciding with this, I’ve seen that there is a high quality and short run ‘to order’ vinyl pressing plant in Melbourne.

Thinking about hearing/seeing Anonymeye on vinyl for the first time (even if post-project), I added 2 + 2 together and got 1… the purely vanity copy of this LP that I was going to press for myself.

Thought I’d put the offer out for a pre-order for a limited edition Anonymeye LP anyway. I don’t really have the cash / time / inclination to be putting heaps of upfront financial risk for an LP of an old project… but if anyone is interested, etc etc.

A few things to note:
– Artwork has not been decided on yet. Depending on budget will either keep it nice and simple with the homey vibe of this release… or go a bit out!
– I’m only streaming the one track as the rest of them are on bandcamp anyway, and I’ll be re-mastering for vinyl!

Sorry about the price for the LPs, I’m definitely not making any kind of profit on them. I haven’t really done my maths at all on them, so hopefully it works out? Pretty cost price anyway. Done as a THANK YOU to everyone who was so supportive of Anonymeye!

Info and blurb below!





Anonymeye: 2004-2013, a final post-project release from Brisbane based abstract folk performer Anonymeye, condenses three albums, a half-dozen or so EPs/singles/etc and more than a few compilation appearances into a succinct 30 minute collection.

Not so much of a ‘best of’ as a personal ‘faves of’ (that would fit on an LP) for Anonymeye’s Andrew Tuttle, Anonymeye: 2004-2013 features two tracks each from Anonymeye’s second (The Disambiguation Of Anonymeye) and third/final (Anontendre) albums, an album out-take included on an obscure CDR, and a previously unreleased track recorded for an unfinished fourth Anonymeye album.

Anonymeye: 2004-2013 isn’t meant to be a comprehensive, exhaustive or all-encompassing collection. Rather, it is a mixtape of sorts, a reflection of some personal favourites, and a belated opportunity to hear Anonymeye on vinyl.

Available as a lovingly more or less, take or leave it, pre-order, Anonymeye: 2004-2013 will be pressed to vinyl in a strictly limited, to order, pressing of 25 (or thereabouts) LPs.

Appreciation/mates rate price copies of Anonymeye’s final album Anontendre, and Andrew Tuttle’s debut ‘solo’ EP 4064, will be available as pre-order add-ons. Given that the people most interested in this release are the people who should least have to pay for it, there will probably be some bonus audio, written, or other variable content.

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Thank you and farewell

So, like the post below says, 2013 saw the end of Anonymeye as a project. To finish up, I performed a few final shows in Melbourne and Brisbane. These shows were already booked, so it seemed like a good way to go out. The last of these shows was last night, and it was a lovely experience!

I would like to thank everyone who has been so supportive of Anonymeye between 2013 and now – musical collaborators, label owners, promoters and venue bookers, bands I’ve shared bills with, radio/online/print media, and anyone who came along to shows, bought merch, or had a chat!

I’m going to take a small break before presenting new music to the world, under my name, Andrew Tuttle. Check out my website here for more information.

In the meantime I’ve still got some ‘end of project’ discounts on remaining merch stock at my bandcamp site.

thanks again!


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Anonymeye: 2004 – 2013

Dear all,

After a bit over eight years, three albums (and a heap of EPs, splits, compilation tracks, etc), and a few score of live performances, I’ve decided it is time to retire the Anonymeye moniker. I’ve had a great adventure making music as Anonymeye, but I feel like it is time to move on and create music under my own name.

For those of you residing in Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia, I’ll be playing shows in your cities next month to see out the summer/Anonymeye. Check out the shows page above for the most up to date details on this (Brisbane, final details are coming soon, so click the link and then sit tight). As for everywhere else, super sorry that I’m not getting to your locales right now (these other shows have already been locked in), but look further down for future touring news!


I will have copies for sale of my Anontendre and Six Improvisations For Computer and Guitar releases on sale at the shows – and also have some mega discounts on these (and other digital releases) on my bandcamp site between now and my final show. Anything purchased will go towards costs to finish off my first album under my own name – and also to clear a little bit of room – so it would be appreciated!

(While you’re at it though, also have a think about purchasing music from the Someone Good and Twice Removed label stores direct. There’s heaps of great sounds on their sites, and I’d love to see them also knock over the last bits of back catalogue they have too.)

The future

I’ll be continuing to make, record, and perform music as Andrew Tuttle (third person! weird!), starting in the next few months with the release of a new album and a full Australian tour (thanks to the good folks at the Contemporary Music Touring Program). Check out my new website for further details, including audio and tour dates as they are updated. When it is all set up I’ll send out a mailing list with info on audio/tour/video/etc.

Thank you all so much for your support over the years, as friends, musicians, promoters, labels, radio/print/online followers, and everyone else who has been great and friendly and awesome.


Andrew Tuttle / Anonymeye

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2012 – thank you!

So, with my Brisbane EP launch for Six Improvisations for Computer and Guitar happening last night, I’ve come to the end of 2012, at least for Anonymeye.

I’m taking some time off over summer to finish some recordings and re-configure my live set up, relax, and so on before a busy 2013. Next show is a one-off in Melbourne on February 10, with a little more time off again and then some larger scale touring.

thanks heaps for a wonderful year, everyone!


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Six Improvisations for Computer and Guitar + November 2012


1) New EP – Six Improvisations for Computer and Guitar

I’m pleased to announce the forthcoming release of a new Anonymeye EP, Six Improvisations for Computer and Guitar. Recorded over two days in a “back to basics” frenzy in April, with some light editing/EQing a while later; Six Improvisations… consists of six edited improvisations for acoustic guitar and computer, and is a good indication of some of the live sounds I’ve been creating this year. The good folks at Perth based/internationally focussed label Twice Removed Records are releasing the record on 1 December 2012 in a limited edition of 150 3″ CDRs (with download code), and as a standalone download. Pre-orders are available now. the Anonymeye bandcamp page for the EP has a free download of Two, and direct links to purchase from Twice Removed (which also has some free audio).

2) Other recent recordings/releases

Compilations: Recently I’ve contributed tracks to Woven (Twice Removed, CD/download), Strain Of Origin II (Feral Media, download) and 10 [A Decade of Feral Media] (Feral Media, playbutton/download) compilations. All albums have a heap of great artists on them, and I’m proud of my contributions too, so check them all out.
Reworkings/remixes: Since the last mailout in June I’ve had the pleasure to create reworkings of other artists (Afxjim, Heinz Riegler, Silver Sircus), and have had the same done to a track of mine (Alpen). Wonderful working with everyone involved! Hopefully will have a few more to add shortly.
Comps, Splits, and Other Bits: A work-in-progress “compilation” on my bandcamp, with out of print/unreleased/rare/miscellaneous tracks. Check back regularly for more uploads.

3) Live performances

A few upcoming live performances in Brisbane to round out 2012, and one for Melbourne in early 2013. I’ve been lucky enough to receive funding from the Contemporary Music Touring Program and will be making my way around Australia in early/ish 2013. I’ve already got a fair few places in mind, but am always keen to visit/re-visit places – so if you’re keen to get something additional happening, please do get in touch.

Friday 15.12.12: Brisbane: Real Talk @ The Waiting Room (Browning St, West End): EP launch with Automating [Melbourne] + Green Nose + Brainbeau. $10, 7:30pm. I’ve put together a lineup of some really interesting/enjoyable acts for this show. I’m really looking forward to it and would love to see you there if you can make it!
Sunday 10.02.13: Melbourne: Supernaturalist @ Gasometer (Smith St, Fitzroy): I’ll have copies of the new EP for sale at this show – and will be performing live along to a nature documentary. Fun times! More info on that soon so stay tuned.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to receive Contemporary Music Touring Program funding from the Australian Government, so I will be touring around the country in early/ish 2013. I’ve got some time to visit pretty much anywhere/everywhere, so if we’ve been in touch in the past, or you’re keen to have a chat, get in touch via email. Also keen to do some overseas touring in 2013, so also get in touch.
4) Movember 2012

This November I’m taking part in the Movember charity, attempting to grow some facial hair, all for good causes. Any pledges of $25.00(AUD) and over made before November 30 will be most appreciated, and furthermore I’ll record an Anonymeye improvisation/track just for you! Details of that here, and my Movember page is here. Donations of any size welcome of course, if you can spare it!

Thanks as always!

Andrew Tuttle/Anonymeye

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I have a track, titled Rendering (All Alone In The Moonlight) on Woven, a new compilation by excellent upcoming Perth label Twice Removed. My contribution is a twenty minute mix of collected Anonymeye sounds, including new material, works in progress, unreleased collaborations and other works. Woven is available at the Twice Removed site here for $8, as a CD (limited edition of 100)/download, or download.

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Spring break!

Have been on holiday for most of September, which has been lovely. Not too much in the way of news since the last update, but here we go!
– Recorded a track at the ‘song booth’ studio at the famous Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN whilst on holiday. Might give it a home online sometime soon.
– A mix/mini-album/something of mine, ‘Rendering (All Alone In The Moonlight)’, a collection of sounds from 2007-2012, will be appearing on the ‘Woven’ compilation by Perth label Twice Removed, out October 1.
– Twice Removed will also be releasing a new EP of Anonymeye material, titled Six Improvisations for Computer and Guitar, later this year. More info on that soon.
– Some shows in Brisbane in November. More details TBC.
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August winds

So the winter in Brisbane is pretty amazing, not so cold in comparison to much of the world. That said, at night, the houses aren’t used to winter, and neither are the people. Lucky there’s been a bit to keep me busy. A few bits of news/audio for y’all.

1) A reworking I did of Brisbane band Silver Sircus’ track I Am Going To Find You is now out, as the B-Side on the digital single of their new track I Am Going To Find You. They have a few shows coming up, and a new album out. Downloadable here.

2) A few weeks ago Ambrose Chapel and I did a split set at The Waiting Room in Brisbane. It is now available for free download at New Weird Australia.

3) I’ve recently completed some recordings at Wavelength Studios, thanks to a generous prize pack from 4ZZZ FM and Wavelength that I was fortunate enough to win for 4ZZZ Radiothon last year. Incidentally, Radiothon is on again right now, so subscribe!

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Cold nights, toasty days

The Brisbane winter really is lovely. Nights are pretty cold right now, relatively speaking, but the days are pure bliss. Sunny, warm, pretty much t-shirt weather. Great on the days when I’m not at work. Not a great deal in this update really, most of it is in the post below. Just the two things.

  1. My reworking of Heinz Riegler’s track Dissolve is available here, off his new album Survey #2. Out now on Someone Good and available for purchase here.
  2. Just the one live show for the next couple of months at this stage, playing with Canberra’s Pollen Trio at Alchemix Studios in Brisbane Friday 31 August. Info here. After that am in the States on holiday for three weeks, then see what happens when I get back. Hit me up via email with any gig/music/beer/tourist suggestions.

Cool? Cool.

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