Anonymeye live performance history: 2004-2013


* 23.02.13: The Underground  (Brisbane, Australia). with Pale Earth + Oscil_Ether.
* 17.02.13: Black Bear Lodge (Brisbane, Australia). with Motion Picture Actress + Emerson Snowe + SAAL.
* 10.02.13: Supernaturalist @ Gasometer (Melbourne, Australia). with Simon J Karis + Five Islands + Von Einem.
* 09.02.13: Gangbusters @ The Grace Darling Hotel (Melbourne, Australia). with The Ocean Party + Grand Prismatic + Cat Cat + Zone Out + Day Ravies + Jonny Telafone + Orbits + From The South.


* 15.12.12: Real Talk @ The Waiting Room (Brisbane, Australia). with Automating + Green Nose + Brainbeau.
* 25.11.12: UnConvention @ The Edge, State Library of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia). with Kikuyu.
* 22.11.12: The Waiting Room (Brisbane, Australia). with Hinterlandt + Julian Knowles + Puzahki.
* 25.10.12: The Waiting Room (Brisbane, Australia). with Ghost Notes + Feet Teeth.
* 31.08.12: Alchemix Studios (Brisbane, Australia). with Pollen Trio + The Wild + Feet Teeth.
* 14.07.12: Vagrant @ The Waiting Room (Brisbane, Australia). Anonymeye vs Ambrose Chapel with No Anchor + The Rational Academy.
* 08.07.12: Weeds and Wildflowers @ 4zzz FM (Brisbane, Australia): Live to air set / interview.
* 29.06.12: The Waiting Room (Brisbane, Australia). with Laneway + The Fingers Malone Ensemble.
* 21.06.12: Fete De La Musique @ St John’s Cathedral (Brisbane, Australia). with Feet Teeth.
* 11.05.12: Concentric Circuits @ Crossbows Festival, Queensland Conservatorium (Brisbane, Australia): with Dot.AY, Hunz, DJ Hugh Francis.
* 05.05.12: house show (Brisbane, Australia). with Potato Master + Kitchen’s Floor (solo).
* 19.04.12: Syncretism @ Judith Wright Centre (Brisbane, Australia): Mike Cooper [UK/IT]/Lawrence English/Tam Patton/Joel Stern/Andrew Tuttle.
* 15.03.2012: The Zoo (Brisbane, Australia): with Michael Rother/Dieter Moebius/Hans Lampe [Germany] + Baptism of Uzi.
* 12.02.12: Happy Campers @ Black Bear Lodge (Brisbane, Australia). with Anthony Dettori + Orphan Ann.
* 03.02.12: Silo @ The Bridge Club (Brisbane, Australia). with Oliver Tank + White Palms + DJ Motion.Picture.Actress.
* 25.01.12: Sonic Masala @ The Waiting Room (Brisbane, Australia). with Do The Robot + Keep On Dancin’s + Bottlecock.
* 23.01.12: Ric’s (Brisbane, Australia). with Laura Escudé [USA].


* 17.12.11: The Gasometer (Melbourne, Australia). with Frank Fairfield [USA] + Khancoban + The Orbweavers.
* 16.12.11: The SoundLounge (Gold Coast, Australia). with Frank Fairfield [USA] + Laneway.
* 06.12.11: Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane, Australia). with Gang Gang Dance [USA] + Fabulous Diamonds.
* 19.04.12: Syncretism @ Judith Wright Centre (Brisbane, Australia)Lonely Women’s Club (Lawrence English + Tam Patton + Dan Lewis + Andy Bagley + Andrew Tuttle): with Lawrence English.
* 30.10.11: Transit Bar (Canberra, Australia): with RKPK, Savages.
* 28.10.11: ‘Wormwood’ @ Dirty Shirlows (Sydney, Australia): with Dead China Doll, Dreamtime, Unity Floors, The Fighting League.
* 27.10.11: The Silent Hour (Sydney, Australia): with Rainbow Chan, Jacqui O’Reilly.
* 13.10.11: Music for Prepared Revenge @ The Waiting Room (Brisbane, Australia): with Meatbox, Amateur Childbirth, I am not a Nihilist, Blonde Cobra.
* 06.10.11: The Gasometer (Melbourne, Australia): with Francis Plagne, Far Concern, Wizz Kid vs the Magic Organs.
* 02.10.11: Sound Summit (Newcastle, Australia): with Angel Eyes, Frederick.
* 25.08.11: Syncretism @ Judith Wright Centre (Brisbane, Australia): with Chihei Hatakeyama [Japan].
* 20.08.11: The Gate @ Pablo and Rusty’s (Sydney, Australia): with Pimmon, Afxjim, Brain Drain.
* 19.08.11: The Zoo (Brisbane, Australia): with Seekae, The Laurels.
* 12.08.11: X+Y bar (Brisbane, Australia): with Khancoban, Mr. Maps.
* 16.07.11: Hampstead Symposium (Brisbane, Australia): with Sounds From The Ward, Loose Grip.
* 25.06.11: Real Talk @ Browning Street Studios (Brisbane, Australia): Ambrose Chapel vs. Anonymeye with Brain Drain, Scraps, Sunshine State.
*  24.06.11: ‘Ten10‘ @ Lightspace (Brisbane, Australia): with Scraps, Joel Stern, Sarah Byrne, Cured Pink, The Scrapes, Hunz and many more. collaboration with Brodie Rocca (short film premiere + live performance)
* 12.06.11: Overground @ Melbourne Town Hall (Melbourne, Australia):Blank Realm + Andrew Tuttle with Tony Conrad [USA], Charlemagne Palestine [USA/Belgium], Faust [GER], Tatsuya Yoshida [Japan], Brian Ritchie [USA], Jerome Noetinger [France], Lucas Abela, Chris Abrahams, Oren Ambarchi, Sean Baxter, Sophia Brous, Shags Chamberlain,  Cured Pink, Fabio Umberto, Clinton Green, Golden Fur, Hi-God People, Lloyd Honeybrook, Naked on the Vague, Anthony Pateras, Laurence Pike, Sky Needle, Snawklor, Joel Stern, Joe Talia, Zond and more.
* 04.06.11: ‘Real Talk’ @ Builders Arms Hotel (Melbourne, Australia): with Time Shield / Faux Pas, Ben Byrne, A. Wallace. 
* 03.03.11: ‘New Weird Australia’ @ FBi radio (Sydney, Australia): with Cleptoclectics vs Scissor Lock. (radio performance)

* 02.03.11: ‘Refraction’ @ Serial Space (Sydney, Australia): with Textile Audio, Mike Majikowski, Caspar Jeffrey + Shaun Premnath.


* 09.12.10: ninehoursnorth @ Judith Wright Centre (Brisbane, Australia): with Tujiko Noriko Trio [Japan/France/UK/Australia].
* 04.12.10: house show (Brisbane, Australia): with Feet Teeth, Teen Sex.
* 19.11.10: ‘Sound Level’ @ Hardware Gallery (Sydney, Australia). with Raven, Ivan Lisyak, Candy Royalle, Colin Black.
* 27.10.10: The Zoo (Brisbane, Australia): with Mouse on Mars [Germany], Qua, B6 [China].
* 11.09.10: ‘BSR’ @ Latrobe Terrace (Brisbane, Australia): with Scraps, Knee Chin, Psy Ants, Heart Flew.
* 30.07.10: Burst City (Brisbane, Australia): with Naked On The Vague, Slug Guts, Blank Realm, Kitchen’s Floor.
* 23.07.10: ‘New Weird Australia’ @ Red Rattler (Sydney, Australia): with Erasers, Ambrose Chapel, TR-10.
* 22.07.10: ‘Sound Level’ @ Headquarters Studio (Adelaide, Australia): with Scissor Lock, Jason Sweeney.
* 21.07.10: ‘Stutter’ @ Horse Bazaar (Melbourne, Australia): with Fabio Umberto, The Bznzz, Blankface Distortion.
* 20.07.10: ‘Make It Up Club’ @ Bar Open (Melbourne, Australia): Andrew Tuttle and Sasha Margolis with The Bznzz, Bile Worship.
* 19.07.10: Emergency Room, East Brunswick Club (Melbourne, Australia): with Eastern Grey, ii, Automating.
* 09.07.10: Street Theatre – Street Two (Canberra, Australia): with 3ofmillions, Cat Cat.
* 08.07.10: ‘Outer Limits’ @ The Velvet Lounge (Perth, Australia): with Pacific By Rail.
* 25.06.10: ‘Almost Invisible’ @ Browning Street Studios (Brisbane, Australia): Ambrose Chapel vs. Anonymeye with Feathers, Do The Robot, Ghost Notes, The Entire Asian Population.
* 23.05.10: The Empress (Melbourne, Australia): with Brain Drain, Penguins.
* 10.04.10: The Troubadour (Brisbane, Australia): with Brightblack Morning Light [USA], Rio En Medio [USA].
* 17.03.10: Ric’s Bar (Brisbane, Australia): with Suborbital Spaceflight.
* 19.02.10: Step Inn (Brisbane, Australia): with Bremen Town Musician, The Stress Of Leisure.
* 18.02.10: The Hi-Fi (Brisbane, Australia): with Isis [USA], AXXONN.
* 24.01.10: ‘Campus A Low Hum’ festival [Renegade Stage] (Bulls, New Zealand):  with Dan Deacon [USA], Daedelus [USA], Dent May [USA], Orchestra Of Spheres, Toecutter, Flying Scribble, William John Hooker, Gaywyre, Signer, Love Connection, Denim Owl, Potential Falcon, Extreme Wheeze, Pets With Pets, and many, many more.
* 21.01.10: Happy (Wellington, New Zealand): with William John Hooker.
* 16.01.10: The Zoo (Brisbane, Australia): with Charlie Parr [USA], Texas Tea.


* 08.12.09: The Ambassador From Everywhere @ Spectrum (Perth, Australia): with Solo Andata, Ben Hamblin.
* 06.12.09: The Velvet Lounge (Perth, Australia): with The Ghost of 29 Megacycles (CD launch), Mystic Eyes.
* 06.12.09: Ambient Zone @ RTR FM (Perth, Australia): Live to air set / interview.
* 04.12.09: Book Nook (Brisbane, Australia): with Nova Scotia, Brutal Hate Mosh, Francis Plagne (Melb), Ambrose Chapel.
* 02.12.09: Rusted Sattelites @ 4zzz FM (Brisbane, Australia): Live to air set / interview.
* 14.11.09: ’2high festival’ @ Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane, Australia): with Dot.AY, Chloe Cogle, Richard In Your Mind, Mt. Augustus, Mr. Maps, Mckisko, My Fiction and more. collaboration with Andrea Lam.
* 29.10.09: ‘Last Night Tonight’ @ QCTV (Brisbane, Australia). live TV performance.
* 29.08.09: ‘Sideways Through Sound’ @ 2SER FM (Sydney, Australia). live radio performance.
* 28.08.09: The Big Room @ 475 (Sydney, Australia): with Seaworthy, Cleptoclectics, Scissor Lock.
* 20.08.09: The Troubadour (Brisbane, Australia): with Ran/Run.
* 19.08.09: ‘Rusted Sattelites’ @ 4zzz FM (Brisbane, Australia): with Alrey Batol, The Scrapes, Sounds From The Ward. live radio performance
* 09.08.09: Tidy Space, Alchemix Studios (Brisbane, Australia): with Who Are You Lutra Lutra? [France], Extra Foxx, The Swamplords, bigstrongbrute.
* 24.07.09: The Globe (Brisbane, Australia): with Bryde, Willows, Wipedoubt.
* 17.07.09: ‘Foot Foot Foot Foot’ @ Blackstar Coffee (Brisbane, Australia): with Kutomo [Finland], Whyte Lightning.
* 27.06.09: ‘Castle Tones’ @ Edinburgh Castle (Melbourne, Australia): with Je Suis Animal [Norway], Francis Plagne, Ned Collette & Wirewalker, Kes Trio, Laura Jean Trio, Jessica Says, Lee Memorial, Dick Diver, The Twerps, Miniature Submarines, Scott and Charlene’s Wedding.
* 29.10.09: ‘Yartz’ @ Melbourne 31 (Melbourne, Australia). live TV performance
* 24.06.09: ‘Stutter’ @ Horse Bazaar (Melbourne, Australia): with ii, Automating, DJ Christina Tester.
* 19.06.09: Browning Street Studios (Brisbane, Australia): with Mt. Augustus, Nick Smethurst, Before The Table Fell.
* 28.05.09: ‘Syncretism’ @ Judith Wright Centre (Brisbane, Australia): with Pimmon, Seaworthy.
* 29.03.09: ’10 Hour Trance’ @ Ready Fire Aim, Old Museum (Brisbane, Australia): with Brutal Hate Mosh, Chloe Cogle, Danni Zuvela, Blank Realm, Impromptulons, Helen Southall, Kahl Monticone, Henry Skye Napping Cats, Ragtime Frank, Leighton Craig, Deadnotes, Joe Musgrove , Lawrence English / Alex Gillies / Dan Lewis, Tom Hall, Brutal Hate Mosh, The Swamplords, Yout Dem, 6MajiK9, Impromptulons, Lloyd Barrett and many more. collaboration with Daniel Spencer.
* 05.03.09: Ric’s (Brisbane, Australia): with Nova Scotia.
* 28.01.09: ‘Exoteric Glee Club’ @ The Globe (Brisbane, Australia): with Julian Williams, The Lost Domain.


* 28.11.08: Gallery Of Modern Art (Brisbane, Australia). live score to ‘The Lodger’. listed as Andrew Tuttle.
* 23.11.08: ‘Electundra Festival’ @ Loop (Melbourne, Australia): with Wind Up Toys, Duotone, Nervous Doll Dancing, Soul Mirage. Collaboration with Team Attack!.
* 21.11.08: The Empress (Melbourne, Australia): with The Surly Mermaids, Team Yes!.
* 07.11.08: Tongue and Groove (Brisbane, Australia): with Fickle Beasts, Mt. Augustus, Mckisko.
* 15.10.08: The Troubadour (Brisbane, Australia): with Bremen Town Musician, The William Moon Book Society.
* 15.10.08: Gallery Of Modern Art (Brisbane, Australia). live score to ‘Berlin: Symphony Of A City’. listed as Andrew Tuttle.
* 29.09.08: ‘Experimontag’ @ Madame Claude (Berlin, Germany): with Zbigniew Karkowski [Poland/Japan].
* 27.09.08: Electronic Church (Berlin, Germany): with Bobby & Blumm.
* 21.09.08: ZXZW Festival (Tilburg, the Netherlands): with Sun Ra Arkestra [USA], Wire [UK], Gay Against You [UK], Talibam! [USA], Z’ev [USA], Rob Curgenven [Australia] and many, many more.
* 20.09.08: ‘Cottage Industry Records’ @ Extrapool (Nijmegen, the Netherlands): with Sina Turner, Treehouse, Saelors, Vicky and Ron.
* 18.09.08: ‘Hallo Gallo’ @ OCCII (Amsterdam, the Netherlands): with Gay Against You [UK], Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides [France], Leslie Keffer [USA], Pigs In The Ground [USA].
* 28.08.08: ‘The Decline Of Modern Civilisation’ @ Tongue and Groove (Brisbane, Australia): with Secret Birds, Collapsicon, Blank Realm, DJ Lame, OtherFilm DJs.
* 23.07.08: Ric’s (Brisbane, Australia): with Ur.
* 13.07.08: ‘Audiopollen Social Club’ @ The Forest (Brisbane, Australia): with Blank Realm, Brutal Hate Mosh, Scraps.
* 26.04.08: Lofly Hangar (Brisbane, Australia): with Del Toro, No Anchor. ‘Phase Two CD launch’
* 19.04.08: ‘Collectors Set’ @ Recorded Music Salon (Melbourne, Australia): with Ai Yamamoto.
* 11.04.08: ‘Elbow Room Theatre benefit’ (Melbourne, Australia): with Cleptoclectics, Briztronix, Loom, iONIC, DJ Bacon, Phat Kontrola.
* 19.03.08: ‘Broken Signals’ @ ‘Stutter’, Horse Bazaar (Melbourne, Australia): with Mike Cooper [UK/Italy], Zac Keiller.
* 16.03.08: ‘Audiopollen Social Club’ @ The Forest (Brisbane, Australia).
* 23.02.08: ‘Below The Surface’ @ The Afterdark (Melbourne, Australia): with Ben Birchall, The Hobby Whores.


* 19.12.07: Bar Open (Melbourne, Australia): with Zeal, Pretty Boy Crossover, Joel Saunders, DJ Faux Pas.
* 08.11.07: Glitch (Melbourne, Australia): with Cleptoclectics, Snawklor, Vineland.
* 25.10.07: ‘Gangbusters’ @ Bar32 (Canberra, Australia): with Morning Stalker, Super Best Friends, The Gashes, The Cherry Machines, Jonny Telafone, Cathy Petocz.
* 30.09.07: Lass O’Gowrie (Newcastle, Australia): with Seth Rees, The Spheres. Collaboration with The Spheres.
* 29.09.07: ‘Electrofringe’ @ Cambridge Hotel (Newcastle, Australia): with Tim Hecker [Canada], Darrin Verhagen, Pimmon, Leafcutter John [UK], Sebastien Roux [France], Jason Kahn [USA], Ralph Steinbruchel [Switzerland], Machina Aux Rock, Seaworthy, Sanso-Xtro, Robin Fox, Jim Denley & Peter Blamey, Heil Spirits, Snawklor.
* 28.09.07: Hellen Rose-Schauersberger Labratorium (Sydney, Australia): with Seaworthy, Peter Hollo, Scissor Lock, Seth Rees. ‘Phase Two CD launch’
* 22.09.07: The Afterdark (Melbourne, Australia): with Francis Plagne, Y35.3, ii. collaboration with ii. / ‘Phase Two CD launch’
* 16.09.07: Bar Open (Melbourne, Australia): with Borkum Riff, Del Toro
* 06.09.07: ‘POWWOW’ @ The Sound Lounge, Seymour Centre (Sydney, Australia): with Scissors For Sparrow, Clairaudience. collaboration with ii.
* 02.09.07: ‘Audiopollen Social Club’ @ The Forest (Brisbane, Australia): with Eardrum, TAD, Kitten Party.
* 12.07.07: ‘Stop.Drop.Roll’ @ The Glasshouse (Melbourne, Australia): with Shoeb Ahmad, Man Killed, ii.
* 06.07.07: 3CR Fundraiser @ The Afterdark (Melbourne, Australia): with Through Lost Hope, Lakes Of Russia, A. Wallace.
* 29.06.07: Gertrude’s (Melbourne, Australia): with Underlapper, Scissors For Sparrow.
* 27.06.07: ‘Outpost’ @ Horse Bazaar (Melbourne, Australia): with Sam Price.
* 03.06.07: ‘Electundra Sessions’ @ LOOP (Melbourne, Australia): with Barrage, Francis Plagne.
* 20.05.07: ‘Audiopollen Social Club’ @ The Forest (Brisbane, Australia): with Sunshine Has Blown, TAD, Paedophile Flowchart.
* 20.05.07: Ric’s (Brisbane, Australia): with Secret Birds.
* 12.05.07: Albert’s Basement @ Cloud City (Melbourne, Australia): with The Rational Academy, Do The Robot, Fulton Girls Club, Popolice, Low Rise Estate, Owls Of The Swamp, Catnip, Seth Rees, Emily Williams, Null Hypothesis, Dumpster Droid, Die Patriate, It’s So Fucking Great To Be Alive.
* 14.04.07: The Afterdark (Melbourne, Australia): with iONIC, Isnod, Enter Esc.
* 31.03.07: Hell’s Kitchen (Melbourne, Australia): with Francis Plagne, Jon Michell
* 17.03.07: The Afterdark (Melbourne, Australia): with Y35.3, Unique Oil Free Air, Fuck You God.
* 20.01.07: Exile On Smith St. (Melbourne, Australia): with Fulton Girls Club, Patinka Cha Cha.
* 13.01.07: Zygote House (Melbourne, Australia): with Bridget Martin [USA], Flying Scribble, Me, Mu | and Meow, Bang! Bang! Aids!, Anna Steele, The Motifs.
* 11.01.07: The Afterdark (Melbourne, Australia): with Kharkov, Inquiet.
* 05.01.07: The Afterdark (Melbourne, Australia): with Y35.3, BadCopBadCop, Union, Tabby
* 05.01.07: Pony (Melbourne, Australia): with Talkshow Boy, Bigstrongbrute


* 22.12.06: Pony (Melbourne, Australia): with Sixteen Millimetre, Tic Toc Tokyo, Pay Colour.
* 30.11.06: The Old Bar (Melbourne, Australia): with Fulton Girls Club, Could’ve Moved Mountains, Sundown and/or Last Stand.
* 03.11.06: The Zoo (Brisbane, Australia): with Animal Collective [USA], The Lost Domain.
* 29.10.06: The Exeter Hotel (Adelaide, Australia). collaboration with Jimmy Trash.
* 28.10.06: Urtext Theatre Benefit (Adelaide, Australia): with Fulton Girls Club, Kustom Kar Kommandoes, Glazed Hams, Catarrah.
* 23.08.06: Ric’s (Brisbane, Australia): with Marlinchen.
* 22.07.06: Fat Louie’s (Brisbane, Australia): with Molliger, Anal Cookie, MC Shazam, Triple Dragon.
* 02.07.06: Birmingham Hotel (Melbourne, Australia): with Talkshow Boy, The Salivation Army, Borkum Riff, Dane Certificate, Go Genre Everything, The Adults, The Losers.
* 30.06.06: Ace Morning (Melbourne, Australia): with Talkshow Boy, The Salivation Army, The Peach Tree.
* 29.06.06: Wesley Anne (Melbourne, Australia): with Talkshow Boy, Made Austria.
* 21.06.06: The Troubadour (Brisbane, Australia): with Qua, Kes, Secret Birds.
* 09.06.06: Tawdry @ Cafe Jugglers (Brisbane, Australia): with Kahl Monticone, Redbreast, Come To Where The Carpet Stops, Eriya.
* 26.04.06: The Troubadour (Brisbane, Australia): with Vineland, Dexter’s Conscience.


* 30.12.05: Cafe Bello (Brisbane, Australia): with Dick Desert.
* 02.11.05: Ric’s (Brisbane, Australia): with Phantom Limb.
* 24.09.05: Ric’s (Brisbane, Australia): with Talkshow Boy.
* 23.09.05: Get Action @ Orient Hotel (Brisbane, Australia): with Talkshow Boy, Molliger, Toxic Lipstick, d-Wizz, The Nudists.
* 17.09.05: Weird Heavy Science @ White House Gallery (Brisbane, Australia): with Collapsicon, MC Julez, Simulcast, Briztronix, Suckaphish P. Jonez.
* 14.04.05: Aufbau Friedrichshain (Berlin, Germany).
* 25.03.05: Elchkeller e.V (Berlin, Germany).
* 10.02.05: Le Placard @ Club Transmediale, Maria Am Ostbahnhof (Berlin, Germany): with selfhelp [AUS], Augsberger Tafelconfect, Rob Curgenven [AUS] and others. collaboration with selfhelp.
* 25.01.05: Stag and Turret (Edinburgh, UK): with Kunt and CD-HK. collaboration with selfhelp.
* 19.01.05: Instants chavirés Montreuil (Paris, France): with Kunt [AUS], Fred Nipi. collaboration with selfhelp.
* 17.01.05: Aligre FM (Paris, France): with Kunt [AUS]. live radio performance.
* 11.01.05: Golden Pudel (Hamburg, Germany): with Kunt [AUS], DJ Big Booty Carrell.
* 09.01.05: Klub Argot (Copenhagen, Denmark): with Kunt [AUS], Bimbo Sons, Daniel Beban & Heine Thornauge Mathiasen [NZ/DK].


* 31.12.04: Knieschussclub @ ZAKK (Bremen, Germany): with Kunt [AUS].
* 28.12.04: De Affaire @ Extrapool (Nijmegen, Netherlands): with Kunt [AUS], selfhelp [AUS]. collaboration with selfhelp.
* 11.12.04: Ed Kuepper’s MFLL (Music For Len Lye) @ Pestorius Sweeney House (Brisbane, Australia): with Ed Kuepper/Jeffery Wegener. collaboration with selfhelp.
* 10.12.04: Straight Out Of Brisbane festival (Brisbane, Australia): with selfHelp, Jamie Whiteside. collaboration with selfhelp.
* 08.12.04: Ric’s (Brisbane, Australia): with Barrage, selfhelp. collaboration with selfhelp.
* 20.11.04: 610 Ann St. (Brisbane, Australia): with Sekiden, Faun Fables [USA], Kiosk, Death:Wolf!, The Devereaux, The Impromptulons. collaboration with selfhelp.
* 16.10.04: Fabrique.18 @ Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane, Australia): with Greg Davis [USA], John Chantler [UK/AUS]. collaboration with selfhelp.
* 09.09.04: Ric’s (Brisbane, Australia): with selfHelp, Ben Thompson. collaboration with selfhelp.

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