Final Anonymeye release – limited edition vinyl LP retrospective


Now that I’ve finished making sounds as Anonymeye, I’ve taken a little step back recently to listen to the recordings. Weirdly coinciding with this, I’ve seen that there is a high quality and short run ‘to order’ vinyl pressing plant in Melbourne.

Thinking about hearing/seeing Anonymeye on vinyl for the first time (even if post-project), I added 2 + 2 together and got 1… the purely vanity copy of this LP that I was going to press for myself.

Thought I’d put the offer out for a pre-order for a limited edition Anonymeye LP anyway. I don’t really have the cash / time / inclination to be putting heaps of upfront financial risk for an LP of an old project… but if anyone is interested, etc etc.

A few things to note:
– Artwork has not been decided on yet. Depending on budget will either keep it nice and simple with the homey vibe of this release… or go a bit out!
– I’m only streaming the one track as the rest of them are on bandcamp anyway, and I’ll be re-mastering for vinyl!

Sorry about the price for the LPs, I’m definitely not making any kind of profit on them. I haven’t really done my maths at all on them, so hopefully it works out? Pretty cost price anyway. Done as a THANK YOU to everyone who was so supportive of Anonymeye!

Info and blurb below!





Anonymeye: 2004-2013, a final post-project release from Brisbane based abstract folk performer Anonymeye, condenses three albums, a half-dozen or so EPs/singles/etc and more than a few compilation appearances into a succinct 30 minute collection.

Not so much of a ‘best of’ as a personal ‘faves of’ (that would fit on an LP) for Anonymeye’s Andrew Tuttle, Anonymeye: 2004-2013 features two tracks each from Anonymeye’s second (The Disambiguation Of Anonymeye) and third/final (Anontendre) albums, an album out-take included on an obscure CDR, and a previously unreleased track recorded for an unfinished fourth Anonymeye album.

Anonymeye: 2004-2013 isn’t meant to be a comprehensive, exhaustive or all-encompassing collection. Rather, it is a mixtape of sorts, a reflection of some personal favourites, and a belated opportunity to hear Anonymeye on vinyl.

Available as a lovingly more or less, take or leave it, pre-order, Anonymeye: 2004-2013 will be pressed to vinyl in a strictly limited, to order, pressing of 25 (or thereabouts) LPs.

Appreciation/mates rate price copies of Anonymeye’s final album Anontendre, and Andrew Tuttle’s debut ‘solo’ EP 4064, will be available as pre-order add-ons. Given that the people most interested in this release are the people who should least have to pay for it, there will probably be some bonus audio, written, or other variable content.

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