Anonymeye: 2004 – 2013

Dear all,

After a bit over eight years, three albums (and a heap of EPs, splits, compilation tracks, etc), and a few score of live performances, I’ve decided it is time to retire the Anonymeye moniker. I’ve had a great adventure making music as Anonymeye, but I feel like it is time to move on and create music under my own name.

For those of you residing in Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia, I’ll be playing shows in your cities next month to see out the summer/Anonymeye. Check out the shows page above for the most up to date details on this (Brisbane, final details are coming soon, so click the link and then sit tight). As for everywhere else, super sorry that I’m not getting to your locales right now (these other shows have already been locked in), but look further down for future touring news!


I will have copies for sale of my Anontendre and Six Improvisations For Computer and Guitar releases on sale at the shows – and also have some mega discounts on these (and other digital releases) on my bandcamp site between now and my final show. Anything purchased will go towards costs to finish off my first album under my own name – and also to clear a little bit of room – so it would be appreciated!

(While you’re at it though, also have a think about purchasing music from the Someone Good and Twice Removed label stores direct. There’s heaps of great sounds on their sites, and I’d love to see them also knock over the last bits of back catalogue they have too.)

The future

I’ll be continuing to make, record, and perform music as Andrew Tuttle (third person! weird!), starting in the next few months with the release of a new album and a full Australian tour (thanks to the good folks at the Contemporary Music Touring Program). Check out my new website for further details, including audio and tour dates as they are updated. When it is all set up I’ll send out a mailing list with info on audio/tour/video/etc.

Thank you all so much for your support over the years, as friends, musicians, promoters, labels, radio/print/online followers, and everyone else who has been great and friendly and awesome.


Andrew Tuttle / Anonymeye

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