From 2004-2013, Anonymeye was a nom de plume of Andrew Tuttle from Brisbane, Australia. Tuttle’s work as Anonymeye reconfigures various organic and mechanic musics within a sonic framework akin to an abstract musical Esperanto. Utilising electronic and acoustic instrumentation including acoustic guitar, signal processing, synthesisers, and effects units, Anonymeye straddles and blurs boundaries between improvisation and composition, experimentation and song-form, rural landscapes and urban constructions and melody and dissonance.

Since 2004, Anonymeye has released three albums, a half-dozen or so short-form and split releases, and appeared on a score of various artist compilations. In this time Anonymeye has performed on approximately one hundred concerts across Australia and on tours to Europe and New Zealand.

In early 2013 Andrew Tuttle retired the Anonymeye moniker, to prepare for future recording and touring under his own name. Check out for more info.


Since 2004, Anonymeye has performed at festivals, clubs and events throughout Australia, New Zealand and Europe, including Le Placard/Club Transmediale festivals @ Maria Am Ufer (Berlin, Germany), Overground @ Melbourne International Jazz Festival (Melbourne, Australia), ZXZW festival (Tilburg, Netherlands), Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane, Australia), Gallery of Modern Art (Brisbane, Australia), Judith Wright Centre (Brisbane, Australia), Extrapool (Nijmegen, The Netherlands), Instants Chavires (Paris, France), Electrofringe festival (Newcastle, Australia), The Hi-Fi (Brisbane, Australia), The Troubadour (Brisbane, Australia), Seymour Centre (Sydney, Australia), The Zoo (Brisbane, Australia), and Horse Bazaar (Melbourne, Australia).

These performances have been alongside acts including Animal Collective [USA], Michael Rother + Dieter Moebius + Hans Lampe [Neu!/Harmonia/Cluster/La Dusseldorf, Germany], Gang Gang Dance [USA], Charlie Parr [USA], Frank Fairfield [USA], Mouse on Mars [Germany], Tim Hecker [CAN], Tujiko Noriko [JP/FR], Sebastian Roux [FR], Leafcutter John [UK], Ed Kuepper/Jefferey Wegener [The Laughing Clowns], Greg Davis [USA], Mike Cooper [UK/IT], Brightblack Morning Light [USA], Isis [USA], Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides [FR/UK], Rio En Medio [USA], Seekae, Qua, Pimmon, Seaworthy, Robin Fox, Naked On The Vague, and Blank Realm.

Anonymeye has released three albums (Anonymeye Motel, 2006; The Disambiguation of Anonymeye, 2009; Anontendre, 2011), several EPs and over a dozen compilation releases on labels including Someone Good, sound&fury, Bedroom Suck, Twice Removed, hellosQuare, Curt, and Half/theory.

As well as solo performances, Andrew Tuttle has performed and/or collaborated on record with Anonymeye and in other groups with musicians and artists including Qua, Lawrence English, Mike Cooper [UK/IT], Seaworthy, Blank Realm, ii, Joel Stern, Danni Zuvela, Tam Patton, Brodie Rocca and Andrea Lam.

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