G’day July!

Hibernating a little bit this winter, or at least it feels like it. Saving up for a long awaited holiday (no shows!) to the States in September, which is exciting.
Live: Had all these plans to avoid playing live between tomorrow’s duel/vs/funtimes set with Ambrose Chapel (see live page for more info) and the trip, but I couldn’t say no to something on 31 August, just before I head off. A show with a great band from Canberra. More info soon.
Releases: I’m included on the new Strain of Origin compilation, a great collaboration between the Feral Media and Lofly labels. The idea of Strain of Origin is that a heap of musicians rework/remix each others tracks. I’ve fooled around with an AFXJIM track, and Alpen has reworked Meritocracy from my Anontendre album. This album has heaps of great tracks by wonderful Australian musicians, and is a free download. Go on! Otherwise I’m working on a few remixes (Silver Sircus) and compilation tracks (Feral Media, Twice Removed), and have sent off a small suite of songs for mastering. Something that came together quickly but pleasantly, and will be out on the Twice Removed label from Perth late this year or early next.
Wow. Not quite so lazy as I thought. That’s a positive!
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The moon in June

Quick couple of bits and pieces!

1) Shows.

Two upcoming:

  • Thursday 21.06.2012: Fete De La Musique @ St John’s Cathedral (Brisbane, Australia). with Feet Teeth. free entry, 5pm. More info here.
  • Friday 29.06.2012: The Waiting Room (Brisbane, Australia). with Laneway (single launch) + The Fingers Malone Ensemble. $10, 7.30pm. More info here.

Both shows will be really enjoyable to play, and to see some music at, so come along. Am imagining they’ll be a bit different to each other too. Also have one more show in July, which I’ll be able to announce soon. After that, not sure what is coming up before a three week holiday to the States in September. Pure holiday, no gigs, which is actually quite exciting! Once back though will hopefully be doing some Australian touring in 2013 and hopefully some touring further abroad too.

2) Mixes.

Happy to have Anonymeye tracks on two new/ish mixes from some of my favourite musical minds. Listen to the Heinz Riegler and Silo Arts mixes for great music from Brisbane and around the world!


3) Remixes.

In various stages of working on remixes for Heinz Riegler, Glisk, and Silver Sircus, with one or two more in the works. If any of you are reading this, soon, promise! Also, have completed remixes of Oh Ye Denver Birds and Afxjim, which will be out in one form or another sometime soon. Will let you know when.

4) Recordings/releases/etc.

Incrementally working on ‘the new Anonymeye album’. I’ve got some studio time up my sleeve, and am working on ideas at home. It is still a fair way off though. Fourth album syndrome? Have made/scrapped a few ideas, so when something is out it should be pretty special.

In the meantime, I’ve got a couple of contributions to cool new Perth label Twice Removed. Contributing an edited version of ‘Rendering (All Alone In The Moonlight)’ to a label compilation due for release a little later in the year, and also have just finished for mastering a short six track EP. Something a little more lo-fi than recent recordings, taking it back to a guitar/computer/processing sound, a nice little suite of complementary sounds recorded in April-May, in breaks from “album recording”. Will be out sometime later this year.

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New sounds for South Australian ears

Adelaide: I’ve got some audio work playing in your city this weekend: Info below via the wonderful Jason Sweeney!

Adhocrasound 2012 line up is announced! The exciting list of contributing artists is: Tristan Louth-Robins, Pimmon, Ai Yamamoto, Anonymeye, Domenico de Clario, chalkwhitehands, Cat Hope, Catfingers, ii, Plankton, Kendall Francis, Alpen, Panoptique Electrical, Gail Priest, Ghostcircle, Lawrence English, Tom Hall, Matt P Barlow, leglesslegs, Wolfpanther, Skipism and Radioshirley. 22 tracks. 2.2 hours. Come immerse yourself at the listening station at Adhocracy – Waterside Hall – Vitalstatistix Theatre Company – this long weekend: 9-11 June. Each day from 1pm.

More info.

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May well we say…

Whoops! Sorry about the updates. Have been laying reasonably low… working on some music for a new EP release of music… possibly to be released later this year. More news on that soon. On the live front, just the couple of shows, and a couple more in late June. Again, more news soon. In the meantime, here is an interview I did with Scene Magazine. Have a read?

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New mix – Rendering (All Alone In The Moonlight)

Rendering (All Alone In The Moonlight) is a mix collecting various Anonymeye recordings created between 2008-2012, that for one reason or another, have never found a home to this point. Excerpts included in this mix are a mix of tracks intended for compilations or short run releases, collaborations, film scores, alternate edits, album outtakes, and works in progress.

These excerpts, although not having been released to dates, are recordings I enjoy and come back to – so I thought this would be a good way to clear the hard drive and continue to work on new recordings.

Online for free download!

at bandcamp

and soundcloud

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Anonymeye on Twitter

Make of it what you like. Time to somewhat split the Anonymeye info from my other twitter account. I’m sure there’ll be some worth in it! Might do a giveaway or something on the site… follow me?

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Hello, internet. Busy start to the year with a few shows, and getting ready for a few more that are trickling out. Slowly working on new recordings, and in the meantime have also been working on remixes for Oh Ye Denver Birds and afxjim, as well as scoring a short film by Brodie Rocca.

Next Brisbane show is an exciting one, supporting the legendary Michael Rother (Neu!, Harmonia, Kraftwerk, et al) at The Zoo on Thursday 15 March. Come along, and pop by early. Presale link is here.

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Oh hey, 2012! A bit of a delay there… have spent the last month coming down from the awesome Frank Fairfield shows (great guy, wonderful spellbinding music!), re-arranging the studio a bit, and watching some cricket and catching up on sleep.

A new year though, with a few bits and pieces of note from the immediate/present/future.

1) Shows: After not spending so much time playing in Brisbane last year, it’s nice to continue to play some more shows here over summer. Three shows coming up:

  • Monday 23.01.12: Ric’s (Brisbane, Australia). with Laura Escudé [USA]. free entry, 8pm. More info here. I’m putting on this show under the Micronations banner, for excellent American violinist/electronics whiz Laura Escudé. She’s in Australia this month playing with Kanye West, and is playing a very special solo headline show in Brisbane. Free entry, a special overseas guest, an excuse to go out on Monday – awesome.
  • Wednesday 25.01.12: Sonic Masala @ The Waiting Room (Brisbane, Australia). with Do The Robot + Keep On Dancin’s + Bottlecock. More info here. One of my favourite blogs from anywhere happens to be Sonic Masala, from Brisbane. Brendan’s a great dude, and has kindly asked me to play his most recent Sonic Masala gig. Public holiday eve, great venue, cheap entry – awesome.
  • Friday 03.02.12: The Bridge Club (Brisbane, Australia). with Oliver Tank [NSW, album launch] + Oh Ye Denver Birds. Presales $10+bf, door sales TBA. More info here. Sydney’s Oliver Tank is really something special – and this EP launch should definitely be a goodun’. Both him and Oh Ye Denver Birds are destined for big things, so get in now. Presented by Silo, a great crew of Brisbaneites doing some really interesting and proactive musical things at present.

2) Weeklybeats: Weeklybeats is an online ‘challenge’ where musicians aim to quickly write/upload one track a week, for a whole year. I’m taking part in it, not likely to be a whole lot of ‘beats’, but you never know. Will be interesting to see what happens over the next year. There’ll likely be some differences from Anonymeye material to date as a result, but we’ll see how it all goes down. Anonymeye tracks here.

3) Demarchy: video clip and EP: Late last year I made a video clip and compiled a companion EP to Anontendre, my album from last year released on Someone Good (which is still available for a sweet price from the Room40 store). This companion EP contains the track Demarchy from the album, plus three non-album tracks (including an instrumental tribute to dynamo Australian batsman Usman Khawaja, and a re-mastered version of my favourite track from a split cassette on the BSR label from a couple of years back).
The Demarchy EP is FREE and is available here or here. There’s also a short video I made for Demarchy on vimeo.

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Announcing… ‘Demarchy’ digital EP release


The kind folks at Someone Good/ROOM40 and I have teamed together to provide a little bit of a year end Anonymeye present for y’all. Presenting Demarchy, a free companion EP to Anontendre, with the title track from the album, accompanied by a selection of old favourites, album off-shoots and new recordings. Demarchy is available as a FREE download from the ROOM40 store – download it here.

I’ve also made a video clip for Demarchy, which the mess+noise site kindly premiered a few days ago. I’m aiming to incorporate more video into my live performance, so this was interesting to try out. watch it below.

Demarchy – Anonymeye from ROOM40 on Vimeo.

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Happy summer!

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful 2011 so far… am excited that it is summer!

Will do a 2011 wrap up over the next few weeks… but in the meantime I’m excited about the next month. Am bunkered down preparing for the shows this month, as well as organising an Australian tour for young bluegrass/old-timey whiz Frank Fairfield this month, through Micronations. Check the link for all the dates, WELL worth coming along if you can make it.

I’m jumping on a couple of the shows at the end of tour, plus also playing an exciting final Brisbane show of the year supporting Gang Gang Dance at the Powerhouse on Tuesday. Info on all shows in the live section…

Otherwise, all is well… Some mysterious and exciting Anontendre spin-off news possibly forthcoming! Stay tuned.

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