• Anonymeye – Two (from ‘Six Improvisations for Computer and Guitar’, Twice Removed, 2012)
    • Anontendre – Anontendre (streaming album mini-preview) (from ‘Anontendre’, Someone Good, 2011)

    Additional audio at bandcamp + myspace + soundcloud.


    Fiscal Graffiti, 2012.

    Micronations, 2010.

    ‘I Am Feeling Very Olympic Today: Live in Sydney, 2010-2011’ free, download-only EP available via Bandcamp.


    Federation (from ‘Anontendre’) – directed by Patrick McCabe.

    Demarchy (from ‘Anontendre’) – directed by Andrew Tuttle.

    Demarchy – Anonymeye from ROOM40 on Vimeo.

    The Disambiguation Of Anonymeye (from ‘The Disambiguation of Anonymeye’) live 2009.

    Live in Sydney – 2010

    Live in Sydney – 2011

    Anonymeye @ Refraction, Serial Space 03.03.2011 from Records: Experimental Sydney on Vimeo.


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