Cold nights, toasty days

The Brisbane winter really is lovely. Nights are pretty cold right now, relatively speaking, but the days are pure bliss. Sunny, warm, pretty much t-shirt weather. Great on the days when I’m not at work. Not a great deal in this update really, most of it is in the post below. Just the two things.

  1. My reworking of Heinz Riegler’s track Dissolve is available here, off his new album Survey #2. Out now on Someone Good and available for purchase here.
  2. Just the one live show for the next couple of months at this stage, playing with Canberra’s Pollen Trio at Alchemix Studios in Brisbane Friday 31 August. Info here. After that am in the States on holiday for three weeks, then see what happens when I get back. Hit me up via email with any gig/music/beer/tourist suggestions.

Cool? Cool.

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