Spring break!

Have been on holiday for most of September, which has been lovely. Not too much in the way of news since the last update, but here we go!
– Recorded a track at the ‘song booth’ studio at the famous Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN whilst on holiday. Might give it a home online sometime soon.
– A mix/mini-album/something of mine, ‘Rendering (All Alone In The Moonlight)’, a collection of sounds from 2007-2012, will be appearing on the ‘Woven’ compilation by Perth label Twice Removed, out October 1.
– Twice Removed will also be releasing a new EP of Anonymeye material, titled Six Improvisations for Computer and Guitar, later this year. More info on that soon.
– Some shows in Brisbane in November. More details TBC.
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