G’day July!

Hibernating a little bit this winter, or at least it feels like it. Saving up for a long awaited holiday (no shows!) to the States in September, which is exciting.
Live: Had all these plans to avoid playing live between tomorrow’s duel/vs/funtimes set with Ambrose Chapel (see live page for more info) and the trip, but I couldn’t say no to something on 31 August, just before I head off. A show with a great band from Canberra. More info soon.
Releases: I’m included on the new Strain of Origin compilation, a great collaboration between the Feral Media and Lofly labels. The idea of Strain of Origin is that a heap of musicians rework/remix each others tracks. I’ve fooled around with an AFXJIM track, and Alpen has reworked Meritocracy from my Anontendre album. This album has heaps of great tracks by wonderful Australian musicians, and is a free download. Go on! Otherwise I’m working on a few remixes (Silver Sircus) and compilation tracks (Feral Media, Twice Removed), and have sent off a small suite of songs for mastering. Something that came together quickly but pleasantly, and will be out on the Twice Removed label from Perth late this year or early next.
Wow. Not quite so lazy as I thought. That’s a positive!
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