Some nice press quotes…

Some nice press quotes for Anontendre! Lengthier update with shows, audio, etc coming shortly.

– Vital Weekly: “Anonymeye plays some very nice tunes on his guitar which are supported by the other instruments. Hyper psychedelic drones in the opening of ‘Federation’, but then the guitar drops in, breezing like fresh air.”

– Boomkat: “…the Anonymeye sound meshes the organic and the electronic in a confluence of improvised and meticulously composed techniques.”

– Norman Records: “The material on this album seems to vary from quite complex and melodic fingerpicked guitar to fairly minimal drone. It’s constantly evolving and never really grating. I like it.”

– The Chocolate Pudding Cup: “Anontendre is easily the best Anonymeye release so far and as long as Tuttle keeps making music as creative and cohesive as this, the rest of the world is sure to notice.”

– 4ZZZ FM: “Background music for the front of your mind, the soundtrack to a life so wonderful you can only stand-back and watch in awe.”

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