R.I.P Adam D. Mills

Received the saddening word earlier this evening that Adam D. Mills, operator of the sound&fury label and a positive and mentoring influence on both myself and Anonymeye, passed away earlier this week.

Through the past few years I’d regularly talked back and forth with Adm, and always found him to be a passionate and inspiring person to talk to about music. His ongoing support of the sounds I’d made always meant so much to me, particularly in moments where I’d felt de-motivated about what I was making. I’ve been listening to sound&fury releases this evening, and other sounds recommended to me by Adm, and it reiterates the driving belief he had in music. Adm and I didn’t know each other well outside music, but I’d like to think that the ongoing relationship between us as sound&fury and Anonymeye meant as much to him as it did to me.

My condolences are with ADM’s family and friends. I’m sure there are a lot of people who are as muddled for words and as truly, genuinely sad as I am right now. Rest in peace, pal.


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